Friday, November 2, 2012

Back in Business

Ugliest book cover ever

Just to let everyone know, the little issue of my books appearing as shredded text mixed  with HTML gibberish has been corrected. Both books are now available in a form as lucid as my writing can be rendered.

Kudos to the folks at Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing for helping me get things sorted out, although I’m still at a partial loss as to what, exactly, happened. Basically, as I understand it, my data discombobulater was out of sync with somebody’s mega-bit snatcher, which all led up to a faulty electron regurgitation. There was also likely impact from a waning full moon, and possibly some negative results due to the latest Rasmussen poll that showed a six-point shift toward Gordon Fafufnik as president in 2012. 

Whatever the reason, right after I sacrificed the star-nosed mole and engaged the chromed muffler bearing, the books looked just fine.

Second volume cover

So, if you’ve considered buying either volume of the Of Moose and Men series, you can now confidently go to Amazon and check them out by clicking here. Try out the “Look Inside” feature to get a preview of the innards.

P.S. - Anybody got a good line on bulk sales of star-nosed moles? (Just in case I need to make any additional edits.)

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