Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hang in there, folks. There has been a major upheaval in my life, and you will be privy to it all (and in probably much more detail than you want) in short order. Let's just say Mrs. Poynor and I have driven almost 3,000 miles, the first 1,000 of which were truly a challenge, and have about 900 more to go before we start a new chapter in this life.

The big question is: can the blog really be named "Of Moose and Men" if it's based in New Mexico? One of the things to discuss in a post.

From this:

To this:



  1. Live in Soldotna in summer, AZ the rest of the time. How are you liking NM?

  2. We are enjoying the change. However, I seem to have gone from halibut belly white, to lobster red. Forgot how unforgiving the sun can be here. LOL

  3. I tend to stay out of this unforgiving sun. Halibut belly white is good with me. I'll bet you miss the fresh salmon and halibut. Do you have friends that ship fish to you?

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