Friday, November 4, 2016

Please, Lord, Make it End... Election 2016

The latest poll of interest to me is not who is in the lead for the presidential race, but how many people are tired and disgusted with the whole affair. For those of you who are interested, it polled at 82% of the American public are sick of the entire thing and want it over.

"Social media," e.g.  Facebook, Twitter and other forms of instant connection in the vast sphere of intellectual vacuum called the internet, have been ablaze with partisan support of one or the other candidates.

The vitriolic vomit spewed forth from both sides has been an affront to anyone who wants to maintain a sense of humor.

Below are a few postings I have made in observation of what has been taking place. As always, I try to keep it light, but I'm sure my leanings show. 

I posted this during one of those periods that Republican nominee Donald Trump seemed incapable of keeping his foot out of the way of a working firearm. (For those overseas, that may be unaware of the intense debate over American's Second Amendment right to bear arms, Clinton is considered "anti-gun." She has repeatedly called for banning semi-automatic firearms and large capacity magazines. It also alludes to an American phrase, "shooting yourself in the foot" as making an extreme gaff.)

This seemed funny, to me at least, because it would be an extreme flip-flop for Clinton, but a very wise move politically.

 I guess this could be construed as being somewhat snarky, taking a shot at Clinton's e-mail issues. However, you have to admit that it's kind of funny taking an icon from a children's film and tossing in the pedophile line. Let's face facts, folks, Anthony Weiner by virtue of his "sexting" exploits with a 15 year-old makes him a pedophile. It is also weird that Clinton's e-mails are mixed in with various pervy messages from Mr. Weiner.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT think pedophilia is funny. (Personally, I believe neutering pedophiles with a rusty razor blade, without benefit of anesthesia, too good for them.)  Please don't fly off the handle and send me hate mail, or get all bent out of shape.

This latest post is based on the continuing issues from Clinton's past. Between the e-mails, evidence of both Clintons' "pay for play" dealings, investigations into the Clinton Foundation, etc., it seems likely that the chickens will, indeed, come home to roost.

God help us all if Hillary Clinton is the president at the time.

Is that vitriolic?